About Forever Galore

Welcome to Forever Galore, LLC., "Making Rare Jewels in the Workplace".

It is our goal here at Forever Galore to dress our customers for success so they are.."Able To Be Forever in Abundance (Proverbs 20:15)." Our buyers search for sophisticated & versatile fashions for the "woman on the go!" We cater to every work environment, and even those "stepping out" with friends or date night. We're dedicated to helping rare jewels create polished looks and look great for less! Founded by Iesha Parks in 2019 (who by the way mastered workplace chic) decided to take her great fashion sense and the lack of workplace brands for the millennial shopper to the marketplace. In addition, Forever Galore fits the shopper on a budget and provide working women on how "work attire" can be for the 9 to 5 and 5 to 9. 



Forever Galore looks forward to fulfilling your shopping needs and filling your wardrobe up with polished and attractive looks. 



Mar'Shay Love, CEO.